Lenticular Technology

Lenticular technology: a new secret weapon for the advertising industry to get moving images not just on the screen.
Originally used to generate an optical illusion or 3D effect, the technology is now applied by Forster to attention-grabbing super-size formats. A special highly transparent lenticular film reflects different motifs, depending on the angle of view, thus creating an illusion of movement and depth.

We get your advert moving

The technology itself has been around for some time, yet the effects that can be achieved with lenticular technology have recently grown exponentially:

Flip            Sudden change of images
                 Animation (gif, 52 KB)

Animation  Flow changes of several images
                 Flash (5 MB), 
                 QuickTime (3,7 MB)

3D effect   Greater depth by the use of
                 multiple levels

Morphing    Change of one image into another
                 by seamless transition

Photo 3D    Object photographed from 
                 multiple angles
                 Flash (2,3 MB)
                 QuickTime (3,3 MB)

Mix            Mixture of several effects

3D effects with a greater depth, 3D using photographs of an object shot from different angles, morphing with its seamless change of images, a combination of various effects, and many more.
Lenticular technology is highly versatile in its uses. Combined with our range of products it opens up entirely new avenues for reaching out to your customers:

- illuminated signs
- decorative articles
- display systems
- monument signs
- floor and desk displays
- backlit signs
- advertising panels
- 3D posters
- special effects
- etc., etc.

Please contact our partners to get more information on lenticular technology.

Façade design

Large-scale advertising with add-on value

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